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Rocket Host Featured Site: The Wellness Warrior, a.k.a Jessica Ainscough.

Jessica, coming from a print magazine background, amazed us with her fearless embrace of her new blogging lifestyle. She dove straight in the deep end, doing her own Google research and finding the right people to get all the aspects of her WordPress site just the way she planned. Within no time she had her great looking site live and her following is growing by the day. She has even caused such a stir that on at least one occasion a celebrity has left a comment on her posts!

These days you will find Jess continually updating her site with the latest plugins and sticking to that all-important regular content updating routine, which keeps her site fresh and exciting for her readers. Her witty style of writing also helps to ensure her readers stay captivated.

Jessica proves that you don’t have to have a technical background to self-manage a cutting-edge blog.

She is a great inspiration to her fellow bloggers, not to mention the thousands of readers who are passionate about her niche of health and wellness.

About Jess

If you don’t know her already, Jess is an Australian writer, blogger and certified holistic health coach. She writes about “natural health and healing, organic beauty, meditation, inspirational bits and pieces and delicious, healthy organic plant-based wholefoods”. But what makes her story so special is that she has cancer and is treating it with Gerson Therapy – something that draws in countless readers who are interested in alternative forms of cancer. You can read more about her here:

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